What We DO

We supply our products to the various market, such as Audio, VTR, Video, digital Camera, Telecommunication, Computer, Automobile dashboards. Multi-layer Printed Circuit Board of Communications and Computer Accessories, RAM Module P.C.B., Mother Board for Computer & Industrial Computer, Interface Cards, CPU Cards, Network Cards, Modem Cards & Control Cards.

Ronghui has the ability globally to support the customer’s full product life cycle from quick-turn around PCBs for new product introduction to high-volume, low-cost fabrication of complex boards (Quick-turn as fast as 24 hours, World-class engineering commitment and support) .

  • A focus on all types of quick-turn, Quick-turn as fast as 24 hours
  • Quick-turn and seamless transition to volume production
  • Heavy-copper products up to 12 oz. (400 µm)
  • Heatsinks (aluminum & copper) and thermal management solutions (TMS)
  • RF/high-performance materials
  • Fully environmentally tested box builds for the transportation industry
  • High mix, medium to high volume, advanced technology printed circuit boards with laser micro vias, stacked vias, via-in-pad and heavy copper applications
  • No MOQ (minimum order quantity) for flexible circuit (FPC) & Rigid-flex PCB

Cost Reduction: To maintain our customers' competitive in the marketplace. Ronghui in an ongoing effort to reduce the cost of the product, and to continuously explore and offer cost-saving options and ideas.

Time-Critical Support: Ronghui has the core capabilities necessary to consistently meet challenges faced by our diverse customer base on a daily basis.

Business Philosophy: Always placed customer satisfaction as its top priority. We are constantly working on improving production procedures, productivity, production flexibility, and manufacturing efficiency.