FPC applied in Notebook PC. With FPC, Notebook PC can transfer signal and flip the cover dynamically.
FPC applied to make 3D layout.
FPC is benefit for assembly & reliability.   FPC is easily connecting LCD display & control board.
Source & Gate boards connected by FPC
easily then create a multi-unit assembly.
  COF type package is benefit for connecting density.
Typical flat panel display will apply FPC as media with rigid boards.
Cell Phone
As flexible boards could be really flexible connecting then create much more possibility
in ID design and create much more fun in communication.
FPC is not only support cell phone increase their functions but also make it more friendly and amazing.
Rotary Screen
Flexible cell-phone battery charger design capability.
FPC make DVD driver could be slime & including more precise parts in design.
HDD- Hard Disk Driver
In Compact Disk (CD) players, a flexible circuit connects between the optical pick-up and main
board, dynamically flexing as pick up reads the disk.
Flexible benefit for design   High reliability FPC connections.
Benefit for slime and high density trend.   Easily bridging many parts together.