Equipment List

Preproduction Engineering

  • Frontline Genesis 2000 Cam Systems (Multiple Seats)
  • In Plan Automated Rule Based Traveler System (Multiple Seats)
  • Xact Predictive Modeling Software, Full Integration with In Cam
  • In Cam Advanced Engineering Cam System (Multiple Seats)
  • Applied Simulation CI Field Solver (integrated into In Plan)
  • Polar S.I. 9000 Impedance Field Solver
  • Direct Logix Control Center DFM Optimizer
  • Tibor Darvas Planmaster (Multiple Seats)
  • Infinite Graphics (Test Preparation Software)
  • GCA (Fixture Software With Repair Stations)
  • Pentalogix Board Test Fixturing & Verification System (Multiple Seats)
  • Internet FTP File Transfer Site-Full TI Connection
  • Fully Integrated Quality/Engineering/Floor Tracking System (2)
  • Fuji High Speed High Resolution Laser
  • Oce Electrostatic D Size Printer Scanner
  • Oce Scanner D Size Printer
Genflex2.02 For FPC
Gensis9.20 For PCB


  • Camtek FT 303 Photo Plotter 1/16th mil
  • Multiline Automatic Film Punch
  • Printar-Automated Legend Print System
  • X-rite Film Densitometer
  • Morton Diazo Developer
  • Fuji Processor
  • Nuarc Diazo Fliptop Diazo Imager

Dry Film Imaging

  • Clean Room
  • Orbotech 8800 (LDI) Paragon Laser Direct Imaging System (2)
  • Orbotech SM220 (LDI) Paragon Laser Direct Imaging System (2)
  • McDermid 410 Pre-Clean-Ultra Thin Core Capability
  • IS Pumiflex Scrub System
  • Teknek Clean Machines (3)
  • Morton Cut-Sheet Laminator 1600D (Inner & Outers) (2)
  • Hakuto Cut-Sheet Laminator
  • Dynachem Vacuum Laminator
  • Western Magnum Laminator (2)
  • Dynachem Preheat Transport
  • Spartanic Automatic Optical Punch (2)
  • Olec Printer 5-8k (2)
  • VIP Developer Outer Layer
  • Schmid Conveyorized Develop Etch Strip Inner Layer Line
Inner Layer Roller Coating Machine
Inner Layer Roller Coating Machine
Exposure Machine
Exposure Machine


  • OEM Hot Oil Lam Press Automated 8 Cavity (Hot & Cold) System (2)
  • TMP High Temperature Press for PTFE Bonding
  • Environmentally Controlled Prepreg Storage Room
  • Excellon EX 200 Flash Router
  • Pluritec Inspecta Plotter Diamond High Resolution Post Lamination X-Ray Tool Optimizer (2)
  • JJA Spot Facer
  • Layer Drying Oven
  • Waslbash Press
Lamination Machine
Lamination Machine


  • Excellon Century 2001 Drills High Velocity (4)
  • Excellon 529 High Speed Micro Drill with Vision and Routing Capability
  • Pluritech MultiStation 6 Station Micro High Speed Drilling Systems
  • Hitachi ND-4L18E High Speed Drilling, Vision & Depth Drilling (2)
  • Hitachi ND-5L21E Drill (4) Capacitance & Linear Scale Drilling Network-Window Based
  • Accu Score – Jump Score
  • Barnaby Bevel Master
  • Glennbrook Real Time X-Ray (2)
  • Hitachi High Speed Router
  • Excellon Mark V Drill Router
  • Excellon Mark VI Drill Routers (2)
  • Excellon EX-200 Drill Router
HITACHI Drilling Machine
HITACHI Drilling Machine
 Routing Machine
Routing Machine


  • IPS Automated Cuposit/Electroless Copper Line
  • Deep Au/Ni Plate Line (Soft Bondable & Hard Gold)
  • Copper/Tin Plate Line
  • Integrated Processing Systems Ni/Au Immersion Line with ENEPIG
  • Silver Immersion Line
  • IS Conveyorized Dryfilm Resist Stripper
  • IS Conveyorized Tin Lead Stripper
  • IS Conveyorized Etcher
  • IS Deburr with High Pressure and Ultrasonic Micro Hole Cleaning
  • Entek106A Plus Line HT (Lead Free Process)
  • Pulse Plating
  • Sunjet Large Format 26x32 Hot Air Leveler
  • Tektroller AQ85 Feed & Bleed (3)
  • Integrated Processings Systems Alternative Oxide Inner Layer Adhesion Promotion Line (.001 Core Capability)
  • Advanced Plasma System 2400 Plasma Etch System
Plating Line
Plating Line
Immersion Gold Line
Immersion Gold Line


  • Orbotech InkJet Automated Legend Printing System Sprint 8
  • DP 1500-Automatic Screening System (2)
  • Palomar Screening Tables
  • Assorted Cure Ovens
  • VIP Developer LPI
  • Hyoki Aluminum Oxide Jet Scrubber with Acid Pre-clean
  • IS Pumiflex Scrub System
  • Lunaire Final Cure Ovens (7)
LDI(Laser Direct Imaging)
LDI(Laser Direct Imaging)

Quality Assurance Support

  • 2 Complete Laboratories Fully Equipped on Site
  • QPulse Integrated Software Quality Management System
  • Orbotech Power Vision 309 Blaser Large Format (Multiple Systems) (2)
  • Orbotech Discovery OLB New Generation AOI System
  • VeriSmart High Resolution Large Panel Verification Systems (2)
  • Dyna-Scope Verification System (2)
  • Micro Craft Flying Probe Feather Touch Tester (2)
  • ATG A6 16 Head High Speed Flying Probe Tester (Soft Gold)
  • ATG A2 16 Head High Speed Flying Probe Tester (Resistor Test Capability 500V) (4)
  • ATG E6 Eliminator High Speed Scanner Head (Mil-spec)
  • TTI Bareboard Tester Single Density Dual Sides Universal Grid
  • Polar T.D.R. Machine-CITS 500, Embedded Stripline, Microstrip,
  • Differential Probing System (2)
  • CMI XRX-XRF Coating Measurement Instrument (2 systems fully automated motorized tables)
  • MicroVu Metrology CMM with XYZ Capability (Fully Automatic)
  • Full in-House Wet Chemical Analysis Lab
  • Buehler Minimet Polishers
  • Axiovert Metallurgical 600X Microscope with Digital Camera
  • Unico 2800 Uv/Vis Spectrophotemer
  • BioRad Smartspec 3000 Spectrophotometer
  • Perkin Elmer Aanalyst Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • Alphametals 600R Omega Meter
  • Hi-Pot Tester
  • Stereo Microscopes (6)
  • Calipers, Hole and Plug Gauges, Optical Comparators
UV Vis Spectrophotometer
UV Vis Spectrophotometer
Impedance Testing Machine
Impedance Testing Machine
Ionic Contamination Test Instrument
Ionic Contamination Test Instrument

HDI (High Density Interconnect) Equipment

  • ITC Via Plug System (conductive and non-conductive)
  • 100% Copper Via Filling (processing system) - (2 lines)
  • Mass SV100 Plannerization System
  • WISE FlatStar, Automated Surface Planarizer
  • CMI PTX200 Eddy Current Copper Thickness Meter (2)
  • ESI 5200 Laser High Speed Drilling/Routing System (4)
  • Hitachi C02 Laser LC1C21E High Speed Laser Drill/Router
  • UIC Copper Via Filling Plating Systems (2)
  • Dynachem Vacuum Laminator
Laser Drilling Machine
Laser Drilling Machine

Environmental Control

  • Continuous Flow Pollution Control System
  • 4 Closed Loop Water Cooling System
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Recycling System 47 GPM
  • Continuous Flow Ion Exchange 45 GPM
  • Demonize Water System (40 GPM)
Fume scrubber
Fume scrubber

Quality Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2008 Registered
  • ISO 14001:2004 Registered
  • ISO/TS 16949:2009 Registered
  • UL Approved for Lead Free, RoHs and Halogen Free Materials