PCB Capabilities

Key Advantages of Partnering with Ronghui Circuits

Ronghui Circuits is aware that today’s printed circuit boards require higher layer counts, thin core construction with high aspect ratios, faster signal transmissions and extreme surface density. Ronghui Circuits is proud to promote that we constantly strive to make advanced technologies at a standard cost for our customers. Our Design Guidelines will quickly demonstrate key advantages to partnering with Ronghui Circuits. 
Time efficiency without jeopardizing quality is the key strength of our facility's unique manufacturing process. Traditional linear manufacturing methods have been re-tooled into a comprehensive manufacturing system that allows key elements of the process to run simultaneously with built in reliability checks. For example, once tools are released, data is downloaded to various locations throughout the facility to be manufactured simultaneously. This creates time efficiency without jeopardizing quality. At the same time, custom quality checks are performed after each critical stage of the manufacturing process to ensure a superior product moves down the production line. This process not only ensures a reliable product, but guarantees on time delivery. 


Layer to Layer Optical Inspection
Ensures that physical product matches customer data

Registration X-Ray
Ensure annular ring reliability after lamination and drilling
TDR Coupon or On-Board Testing
Verifying critical CI measurements are matched on physical product during manufacturing surveillances
100% Net List Testing
Comparing original net list to physical finished board


The facility was established in 1982 to meet an ever-increasing demand for complex printed circuit boards while exhibiting a high level of quality and reliability. Our time to market focused manufacturing facility enables our customers to shorten the time required to develop new products and bring them to market first.